Building Custom Cabinetry Since 1972

California Wood Designs is a small family owned and operated company with over 40 years of experience providing clients with beautiful custom cabinetry. We can work with any type of wood and finishes and will provide you with completely custom work, from the initial design to the final construction process. Our Christian background influences our work; we strongly uphold ideals of honesty and integrity, and will always go above and beyond to serve our clients. No matter the request, we'll provide you with excellent results. Our main objective is to provide quality, not quantity, that's why we do a couple dozen custom kitchens a year. We truly pride in the quality of our work. At California Wood Designs, we have clients that go as far as 25 years back, and the custom woodwork that we created for them is still intact. Though with other brands, you'll need wood replacement in ten years tops, our product outlasts the test of time. With proper care, our cabinets can last a century. Consider calling us today to get your free estimate and learn more.